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Painters in Parker

What is primer and why is it important?


…porous surfaces, such as drywall and brick, forms a seal that prevents excess paint from absorbing.

…raw wood allows tannins to be sealed into the surface, which plays a key role in preventing yellowing.

…slick, smooth surfaces enhances the bond, giving the paint something to adhere to.

…trim, doors, and other oil-based paint-coated surfaces allows the home painter to put water-based paint on top.

…improves the durability and longevity of the paint job.

…reduces the total painting cost because less product is needed – especially when changing room colors.

What makes each paint sheen different from the next?

Semi-Gloss Paint offers an impressive reflective quality, effortless cleaning, and resistance to moisture. It is an excellent choice for applications like trim, doors, woodwork, and similar surfaces, and it is well-suited for use in humid environments, like laundry rooms and bathrooms.

Eggshell Paint is semi-washable, stain-resistant, versatile, durable, and an excellent way to conceal flaws in low or medium-traffic areas, like entryways, hallways, or living rooms.

Satin Paint, because of its velvety feel, can resist the daily wear and tear of spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. It’s easy to clean and durable. Because the higher level of shine might attract attention to imperfections, your painter in Parker will advise against using it on any wall that has flaws.

High-Gloss Paint stands out as the ultimate choice for cleanability, moisture resistance, stain resistance, and durability. Because the shiny finish hardens and seals surfaces, our painting company finds it ideal for doors, cabinetry, and other high-touch areas.

Flat & Matte Paint features a light-absorbing, velvety finish that’s simple to touch up and excellent at concealing flaws. It’s primarily used for camouflaging imperfections or refreshing low-traffic areas like formal dining rooms or offices.

What steps are involved in professional house painting?

  1. Color Selection – Many consider the first step of any painting project to be the most enjoyable – handpicking the colors that will transform each space! Determine the mood you want to create, take into account the lighting in your room, decide whether you prefer cool or warm tones, and establish a color palette that fits your own style preferences.
  2. Protect the Area – Your painting contractors take the duty of covering and preserving your valuables, furniture, and floors very seriously before we begin any painting project.
  3. Prepare Surfaces – Achieving a polished, professional finish necessitates meticulous attention to detail before the painting ever begins. Our preparatory steps include filling any holes or imperfections, sanding any necessary wood surfaces, eliminating old paint, clearing away dust and stains, and applying primer and/or caulk as required.
  4. Apply Paint – This is the stage where our seasoned painting service harnesses our talent and experience to wow you! Each of our Parker painters pays special attention to detail and uses experienced techniques to deliver a professional, impeccable finish.
  5. Clean Up – When you employ a skilled painting contractor, you’re given many benefits, and their attention to detail extends to cleanup as well. Your interior painter will leave everything just as we found it, allowing you to step right in and start enjoying your refreshed space.
  6. Walk-Through Inspection – Our Parker painting company views the task as incomplete until you are completely satisfied. We will walk through your commercial property or home alongside you, look at every little detail, and confirm that our painters in Parker have gone above and beyond your expectations.

What are the differences between water-based and oil-based paint?

Oil-Based Paint, or alkyd paint, is long-lasting, durable, and affordable. They are an excellent option for use on moldings and trims, but they are known to be tougher for non-professionals to apply.

Water-Based Latex Paint is the most popular paint formulation. It offers a diverse range of sheens, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects, and is known for its ease of cleaning and eco-friendly properties. Water-based paint is also known to hold its color long-term.

How is paint made?

Paint contains four main ingredients:

Additives are primarily recognized for their role as fillers, yet they also play a crucial part in absorbing UV radiation to prevent fading, enhancing paint performance, and incorporating anti-fungicidal agents that can modify the formula’s characteristics, among other functions.

Solvents are used by a painter to change the consistency and flow of their medium. Mineral spirits or alcohol are the prevailing choices for oil-based paints, whereas water is the preferred option for water-based coatings.

Binders or Resin work like a glue that holds pigments together, and they are also helpful during application because they make the formula adhere to the surface. Common binders include acrylic, epoxy, or alkyd polymers (three kinds of resin), as well as linseed oil or soybean oil.

Pigments are responsible for making paint the exact color you want. Iron oxide, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide are examples of the insoluble, finely crushed compounds or minerals used in pigments.

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