Directional Drillers in Littleton

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Directional Drilling Services

When you require directional boring in Littleton, it is critical that you select a company you can rely on to complete the job correctly. Although trenchless directional drilling is cost-effective, time-saving, eco conscious, low-mess, and flexible, it is also a complicated task that calls for a high level of expertise. Not only do we serve the Littleton area, but we also cover other parts of Colorado and many other states – including Texas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and North Dakota. We guarantee that our customers in other states will receive the same quality workmanship and great customer service as our local customers!

What is directional drilling?

Directional drilling is an almost century-old practice that involves boring in a very specific direction while using extremely precise techniques and angles to attain a certain depth and cross an exact area. Using this very adaptable and precise technology, drillers can then lay pipes that will soon become electrical, gas, fiber optic, water, internet, or sewage pipelines. Professional directional boring companies can install utility infrastructure beneath rivers, forests, railroads, lakes, sensitive environmental habitats, parking lots, and highways with minimal interruption to existing structures or nature.

What equipment does your Littleton directional drilling service use?

Horizontal directional drilling is a complex operation, and our skilled technicians only utilize high-quality equipment on each job. Our team uses different tools for each job because no two projects are exactly alike. The following are some of the tools we typically use for horizontal drilling:

Rotary Steerable Systems

Bottom Hole Assembly

Mud Motors

Custom Whipstocks

Multi-Shot Cameras

Networked and Wired Pipe

Specialized Drill Bits

And More!

What services are offered by your directional drilling company in Littleton?

Pipe Pulling

Pipe pulling is the step that must be taken when a pipeline must be changed. This was once a time-consuming task that involved removing the old pipe before installing a new one, but technological developments in directional drilling have made it far more efficient. Pipe pulling is now a trenchless process that entails attaching a new pipe to the old one, then pulling the new pipe in as the old one is pulled out.

Hole Opening

Every directional drilling job begins with a pilot hole. This precisely-placed hole will lay the groundwork for the pipe that will be installed in a later phase of the job. The driller will ream (or enlarge) the pilot hole when it has been bored to a predetermined diameter.

Underground Gas, Sewer, and Oil Pipeline Installation

Pipeline installation for gas, wastewater, or oil necessitates the use of the correct equipment, extensive planning, and a competent, experienced crew. Drillers must consider a number of factors, including surrounding bodies of water, species, and ecosystems, ground conditions, bore needs, and more. Our local directional drilling company will collaborate with you at every stage to ensure a successful and excellent outcome.

Underground Utility Drilling

Directional boring techniques are utilized to access subterranean oil and gas resources. We can reach these reserves without impacting the environment thanks to our cutting-edge drilling technique. We gladly work with all types of customers and assist them in gaining access to a variety of utilities, including water, telecommunications, power, oil, and gas. We can also replace and repair underground utility pipelines that are already in place.

Blowing Fiber Optic

Modern technologies such as data networking, internet, telephone, and television services rely on fiber optic cables. These cables are concealed underground in ducting pipes. Our directional drillers install these ducting pipes, and we also use compressed air to blow fiber optic cables into the piping for our customers.

Underground Utility Installation

After expert hole boring and utility pipe installation, you’ll want the utilities to be installed professionally and efficiently. Trenchless utility installation isn’t just a safe option, but it’s also more environmentally friendly, less disruptive to property, and more cost effective. Our company promises a high level of precision and takes safety very seriously, so we are the right choice for all kinds of utility installation.

Directional Rock Drilling

When directional drillers come into contact with rock, they must employ highly specialized equipment and demonstrate a high level of ability. Drillers must understand the type of rock with which they are dealing and be ready for any obstacles that may arise throughout the drilling process. Rather than relying on educated guesses, our team will be armed with a detailed plan, reliable research, and extensive knowledge.

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