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Painters in Lakewood

How is paint made?

Paint contains four main ingredients:

Binders or Resins act as a glue that holds pigments together, and they are also useful during the application process since they help paint adhere to surfaces. Linseed oil, soybean oil, and epoxy, acrylic, or alkyd polymers (three different resin types) are common binders.

Pigments are in charge of giving paint the exact color you desire. They typically consist of insoluble, finely ground chemicals or minerals like zinc oxide, iron oxide, or titanium dioxide.

Additives, primarily utilized as fillers, also function as anti-fungicidal compounds that can alter paint properties, absorb ultraviolet radiation to prevent fading, and enhance paint performance, among other functions.

Solvents allow a painter to adjust the consistency and flow of their medium. In the case of oil-based paint, the typical solvents of choice are mineral spirits or alcohol, while water is used for water-based coatings.

What makes each paint sheen different from the next?

Satin Paint offers a velvety texture, which equips it to withstand the daily wear and tear of spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. It is durable and easy to clean. However, due to its higher sheen potentially highlighting imperfections, your painter in Lakewood may recommend against using it on walls with flaws.

Eggshell Paint, beloved for its stain resistance, semi-washability, versatility, and durability, proves to be an exceptional option for camouflaging imperfections in low to medium-traffic areas, such as entryways, hallways, or living rooms.

Flat & Matte Paint is a popular choice for concealing imperfections in low-traffic spaces, like offices or formal dining rooms. Its formula, designed to mask flaws, is light-absorbing, easy to touch up, and yields a velvety smooth finish.

High-Gloss Paint is unmatched in its stain resistance, longevity, ease of cleaning, and moisture resistance. Because the high-shine finish hardens and seals surfaces, our painting company recommends it for cabinets, doors, and other high-touch areas.

Semi-Gloss Paint offers an impressive reflective quality, effortless cleaning, and resistance to moisture. It enhances the aesthetics of moisture-prone areas, such as bathrooms or laundry rooms, and serves as an excellent option for projects involving woodwork, trim, doors, and similar surfaces.

What steps are involved in professional house painting?

  1. Color Selection – Most people would say that step one of every painting project is the best part of all – selecting the colors you want to use in each space! When you’re designing a unique color palette for your home, think about your own personal style, the lighting in the rooms, your tone preference (cool or warm), and the ambiance you want to create throughout your home.
  2. Protect the Area – Before the project begins, your painting contractors will pay meticulous attention to protecting your furniture, flooring, and other possessions by covering everything carefully.
  3. Prepare Surfaces – These detailed steps are essential if you want the paint to adhere smoothly and look professional. Our process includes addressing any holes or imperfections, eliminating stains and dust, stripping old paint, smoothing wood surfaces through sanding where necessary, and applying primer and/or caulk as required.
  4. Apply Paint – It’s here that our painting service truly gets to shine! Our skilled Lakewood painters have the expertise to utilize proven techniques and meticulously focus on both significant and minor details, guaranteeing a flawless, professional result.
  5. Clean Up – Hiring a proficient painting contractor comes with numerous advantages, and their meticulous attention to detail carries over to the cleanup process. Your interior painter will ensure that everything is restored to its original state, enabling you to seamlessly step back in and begin relishing your fresh, new space.
  6. Walk-Through Inspection – At our Lakewood painting company, we don’t consider our work done until we see a smile on your face. We’ll walk through the home or commercial property with you, pore over every fine detail, and ensure that our painters in Lakewood have exceeded your every expectation.

What is primer and why is it important?


…improves the durability and longevity of the paint job.

…slick, smooth surfaces enhances the bond, giving the paint something to adhere to.

…doors, trim, and other surfaces formerly coated with oil-based paint enables a house painter to use water-based paint on the surface.

…reduces the overall cost of painting because less paint is required – particularly when the color of a room is changed.

…porous surfaces, such as drywall and brick, forms a seal that prevents excess paint from absorbing.

…raw wood binds the tannins into the surface, preventing the surface from yellowing.

What are the differences between water-based and oil-based paint?

Oil-Based Paint, or alkyd paint, is long-lasting, durable, and affordable. These paints are a good choice for trim and molding, but they are known to be more difficult for non-professionals to apply.

Water-Based Latex Paint ranks as the leading choice in the market. It comes in a broad range of sheens, is versatile enough for outdoor or indoor projects, is easy to clean, and is eco-friendly. Many individuals choose water-based paint because of its ability to retain color over time.

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