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Painters in Brighton

How is paint made?

Paint contains four main ingredients:

Solvents are used by a painter to change the consistency and flow of their medium. For oil-based paint, mineral spirits or alcohol are typically used solvents, whereas water is utilized for water-based coatings.

Additives are predominantly acknowledged for their function as fillers, but they also assume a pivotal role in absorbing UV radiation to prevent fading, improving paint performance, introducing anti-fungicidal agents capable of altering the formula’s attributes, and more.

Binders or Resin hold pigments together like glue, and they also help paint adhere to surfaces upon application. Acrylic, epoxy, or alkyd polymers (three forms of resin), linseed oil, or soybean oil are common binders.

Pigments are in charge of giving paint the exact color you desire. They are made from finely-ground, insoluble minerals or chemicals such as titanium dioxide, iron oxide, or zinc oxide.

What is primer and why is it important?


…reduces total painting costs because less product is required, particularly when room colors are changed.

…doors, trim, and other surfaces formerly coated with oil-based paint enables a house painter to use water-based paint on the surface.

…slick, smooth surfaces improves adhesion, so the paint will have something to stick to.

…raw wood seals tannins into the surface, which is important for preventing yellowing.

…porous materials, such as brick or drywall, creates a seal that prevents excess paint absorption.

…makes the paint job more durable and long-lasting.

What steps are involved in professional house painting?

  1. Color Selection – Most people would agree that the most enjoyable part of any painting project is deciding the colors to use in every room! As you craft a distinctive color palette for your home, take into account your personal style, the room’s lighting, your tonal preference (whether cool or warm), and the ambiance you hope to establish throughout your home.
  2. Protect the Area – Before officially starting any painting project, your painting contractors take the task of covering and protecting your belongings, furniture, and flooring incredibly seriously.
  3. Prepare Surfaces – Achieving a polished, professional finish necessitates meticulous attention to detail before the painting ever begins. We will diligently address imperfections and holes, remove any dust or stains, strip away old paint, carefully sand wood surfaces, and apply caulk and/or primer as needed.
  4. Apply Paint – It’s here that our painting service truly gets to shine! To ensure a flawless, professional finish, our qualified Brighton painters will employ tried-and-true techniques and pay attention to details big and small.
  5. Clean Up – Hiring a proficient painting contractor comes with numerous advantages, and their meticulous attention to detail carries over to the cleanup process. Your interior painter will guarantee the absence of any evidence of our work – aside from your beautiful walls! – allowing you to fully enjoy your freshly updated space.
  6. Walk-Through Inspection – At our Brighton painting company, we don’t consider a project finished until our customers are entirely satisfied. We will walk through your commercial facility or home with you, inspecting every aspect and confirming that our painters in Brighton have exceeded your expectations.

What are the differences between water-based and oil-based paint?

Oil-Based Paint, also known as alkyd paint, boasts long-lasting durability and cost-effectiveness. While these paints may present more of a challenge for non-professionals during application, they are an excellent option for trims and moldings.

Water-Based Latex Paint is the most popular product on the market. It comes in a broad range of sheens, is versatile enough for outdoor or indoor projects, is easy to clean, and is eco-friendly. Additionally, water-based paint is highly regarded for its ability to retain color over the long term.

What makes each paint sheen different from the next?

Semi-Gloss Paint boasts exceptional reflectivity, moisture resistance, and ease of cleaning. It looks great in humid locations like bathrooms or laundry rooms, and it’s also a good choice for woodwork, trim, doors, and similar projects.

Eggshell Paint is stain-resistant, semi-washable, adaptable, and long-lasting, making it an excellent choice for hiding defects in medium or low-traffic areas, such as hallways, entryways, and living rooms.

Flat and Matte Paint is often used to conceal imperfections in low-traffic spaces (such as offices or formal dining rooms) because its flaw-hiding formula is easy to touch up, light-absorbing, and offers a velvety smooth finish.

High-Gloss Paint is the most durable, stain-resistant, moisture-resistant, and cleanable sheen you can choose. Because the high-sheen finish seals surfaces as it hardens, our painting company recommends putting it on high-touch areas, such as cabinetry and doors.

Satin Paint has an exceptional ability to withstand the daily wear and tear of rooms like kitchens or bathrooms due to its velvety finish. It is long-lasting and simple to clean. However, because its sheen can accentuate imperfections, your painter in Brighton will likely advise against using it on walls with flaws.

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